2019 InterFuse: Primordial Origins

Artwork by Kara Viatori White

InterFuse is a Midwest Regional Burn – a yearly camping event that takes place in May, and adheres to the 10 principles of burning Man. The goal of InterFuse is to unite in the celebration of art, fire, and life. We build a temporary city of tents, domes, light, dance, fire and music, revel in our community for the duration of the event, and then pack everything out to leave no trace.

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10 Principles

Our InterFuse 2019 Theme:
Primordial Origins
Presented by: Jerry (Merlin) Koch

Dates: May 16th, 2019 8 am  – May 19, 2019  2 pm


Pulaski Country Fort Leonard Wood Shrine Club 26920 Shrine Rd, Buckhorn, Missouri 65534

Life will find a way to exist, adapt, survive and flourish. Even today we can find this. 

But, before there was time, there was still life persisting in an inhospitable environment. The ground shaking, splitting open and spewing forth lava alongside the volcanoes. Fire is more common than water in this extreme climate. This harsh terrain is fraught with danger. Not easy for mammals to survive in, but they do, because Life finds a way by providing caves as a cooler shelter for mammalian life to endure. And endure it did, in hominin form. Our earliest Cave People.

But, this atmosphere outside is very welcoming to reptiles that thrive in warmth, their numbers and varieties grew. The better the adaptation, the more successful these lizards became and the bigger they grew. Until the Dinosaurs became common and fierce, roaming freely through the fiery expanses searching for their food. Some eat the vegetation that adapted near water, to survive. Some need meat for nourishment and fluids away from the water. Some are big enough to consume any Cave Person they can catch, to survive. Some are small enough to be consumed by any Cave Person that can catch them, to survive. Because Life finds a way.

These are the hints and clues left behind that point to the world’s Primordial Origins.

This is Our Community’s

Primordial Origins!!!

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