Art Car Criteria

The Midwest Burners Department of Mutant Vehicles (DMV) has the following rules in place to qualify as an art car.

Your art car must meet two of the following criteria:

Artistic – The vehicle has been modified or designed in a specific way to make an artistic statement or to be visually stimulating. Modifications of this type do not need to be permanent. Examples of this type of modification would be an artistic paint job, addition of unusual elements to the vehicle, or fancy lights.

Modification – The vehicle must be radically altered from its original state. Modifications of this type are permanent or pseudo-permanent. The vehicle will not be recognizable as its original base vehicle. Items placed on a vehicle as decoration do not qualify for this requirement.

Transportation – The vehicle can transport the driver and a minimum of 5 other passengers safely. The vehicle has a specific task of transporting participants during the event, not simply transporting friends and family.

Service – The vehicle is providing a service to the community. This includes, but is not limited to, providing mobile sound, dispensing a food or product, or other services that give back to the community.