The Principles Office

The Principles Office was created to define a process for reporting and responding to situations that threaten the safety of our community and its members. While the main reasoning behind its creation is to address situations of consent violation, the department will assist in other situations that threaten the safety of our community and its members.

The primary objective of The Principles Office is to provide a known, safe, and transparent process for the reporting of a violation. The reporter will be respected, heard, protected, and provided access to Law Enforcement (if needed). If aid from Law Enforcement is not desired, the reporter will document their experience and the Principles Office will begin an investigation to collect evidence, speak to witnesses, etc. The Principles Office will strive to develop enough of an understanding of the situation so that we can make a decision as to how to properly handle the problem. Possible actions include (but are not limited to): no action, warnings, forced separation, expulsion from the event, expulsion from all community events. The department will also provide a process to review and reassess all previous decisions.

As a secondary objective, the Principles Office will assist the community in education and participation regarding the Ten Principles. While we won’t hold seminars or events ourselves, we plan on working with theme camps, artists, and individuals to sanction specific events, presentations, or discussions that we feel promote a healthy and safe community environment.

It is important to note what this department is not: we are not the police, and we are not the police for the community. At all Midwest Burners events, participants are responsible for their own behavior and resolving their own issues (self-reliance). The Principles Office strongly suggests behaving in a manner that does not make other participants feel unsafe or threatened. Midwest Burners will not condone any behavior that endangers its ability to hold future events.

For information on how the reporting & investigation process works for the Principles Office, download the Midwest Burners PO Reporting and Exploration procedure.

To file a report, please email