Board of Directors

Board of Directors

The Board governs the organization year-round and is accountable to the community for that governance. The Board signs checks, keeps track of resources, provides oversight for association-organized events, investigates community issues, is responsive to the feedback of the community, and makes policy decisions.

Our current board is full of experienced members who have been trusted by our leads manage this crazy fun organization’s day to day operations as we continue to grow and mature into the community organization that we’ve become.  We hope to work with our community members and our leads to enable YOU Burners, to have the space to do the unbelievable stuff that you do and make all of this magical amazingness possible.

Thank you for participating!  <3  Burn on!

Lizzie Bryan “Fun Dip”

Lizzie has been burning since bringing the giant mushroom dome to Sporegasm in 2009. She jumped into volunteering and became greeter Co-lead for several years.  Lizzie spearheaded the inaugural art grants program for InterFuse in 2014. Since then, she has been expanding her lead position into a full team of art curators who promote and fund art at InterFuse.  She’s been on playa five years and can usually be found twirling around in her own thoughts with a few disco balls in tow and generally not listening very closely.  Sometimes she tries to weld.

Christopher Brace  “Sheriff Blister”  Vice President

Christopher Brace A.K.A. Sheriff “Blister” Chris entered the Burning community at InterFuse in 2016. He immediately found home and changed his dissertation topic to show the world what Burning has to offer. He spent the next two years researching and attending Burns. He has attended InterFuse, Freezer Burn, Oblivium, Love Burn, Flipside, and Resonance, T.E.I.C. and of course the BIG Burn. In an apologetic move to the community for enjoying himself too much over the last three years he has joined MWB to provide assistance wherever it can be used. He is co-lead for Atomic Endings (Burner/Wastelander camp), has served as head of DMV for Freezerburn, is on the Board for Atomic Falls, and is very involved in all things Wasteland.

Lisa Crum                      Secretary

Lisa made her debut into the world of Burning Man in 2012, when she went to Black Rock City for her honeymoon!  She fell in love with the community and has been to the playa three times so far, and plans on going many, many more times. She attended her 1st Interfuse in 2013 and has gone every year since. She’s also attended Hearth’s O Phyre annually since 2013. Lisa has taken on several different volunteer roles at burns, including Signage Lead at Interfuse and HOP, Gate, Greeters, Rangers, and Earth Guardian. She was also a founding member of the Principle’s Office for MWB. Lisa founded the Theme Camp Indigo, which has been to Interfuse and Hearth’s O’ Phyre. She brings previous 501(c)(3) experience from working as a coordinator for five years with the Siouxland Zombie Walk. In her default life, Lisa is an Operations Manager and looks forward to putting her professional skills to use for her favorite group of people, her burner family.

Rod Hill “Amethyst”

Amethyst came into existence at his first Burning Man in 2015, with the legendary Spanky’s Wine Bar and continues to burn as a member of Spanky’s management team. He also attends Love Burn, since 2018, where he can be found working the Buffer Zone. Amethyst’s burner path started in the summer of 2012, while vacationing at Lake of the Ozarks with friends. Their rental boat broke down out on the lake and another boater, a seasoned Burner, rescued them. The Burner knew, that inside, Amethyst was already a Burner and he didn’t even know it. Amethyst is a corporate business coach in the default world and does some life performance coaching and public speaking on the side. In December 2018, he finished his fifth and final year as President of a non-profit professional association in Omaha, Nebraska. Amethyst enjoys engaging others in deep, meaningful conversations and buffing, with consent of course.

John Hooker “Sharky”

Sharky (John Hooker) is the reluctant introvert who went to his first Hullabaloo in 2007; Interfuse in 2009 and worked both with TLA, Rangers, and Greeters since; Burning Man in 2012; and helped establish “This Event Is Cancelled” that same year, and has been its treasurer for its first five years and Lead E.C. in 2017. As he slowly makes his way into Burner administration by helping establish Topeka Area Burners, he is happy to call on 25 years of accounting experience and his graduate degree in public administration to step into his Board position for Midwest Burners. Hey, it’s what I geek out on!

Joshua Luttrell “Click click (it’s a noise and a gesture)”
Legal & Resources Coordinator

Amanda Frevert  “Red”
EC Liaison

Amanda/Red has been involved with MWB events since 2011, after attending her first burn, InterFuse.  After volunteering for many random departments, it was suggested she become the Volunteer Coordinator of IF. After leading that for three years, in 2016 she was nominated to be an Event Coordinator for IF! The gifts of participation are what really keep her going. When not at burns she spends most of her time with her puggle, Tbear. She’s been a massage therapist for over 13 years and is currently running a massage school program in Kansas City, MO.