Announcement: This Event is Cancelled (TEIC) newest regional burn under the MWB umbrella!

MWB is happy to announce they will take on This Event Is Cancelled (TEIC) as their newest regional burn under the MWB umbrella!

TEIC is a Burning Man inspired event near Topeka, KS andwill run using a slightly different infrastructure model as a more autonomous burn. In essence, Topeka Area Burners (TAB) will become a chapter of MWB. TAB and TEIC will act within accordance of Midwest Burners Articles of Association, By-Laws, and financial policy.

This will be Midwest Burners first regional event to operate with the alternate infrastructure model.  MWB has decided to see how things go with one burn and the alternate model before proposing it as an alternate model to the the remaining MWB burn events. These will continue to run using the current model for 2019.

The intent is to continue to support the midwest burners and their events in the best way possible.