Burning Man volunteer leadership training program 2019

Global Network Leaders-

Burning Man invites you to take part in a new volunteer leadership training program that their Burning Man Volunteerism and Education Departments created this past year. They offered this program to Black Rock City teams back in April, and were told that the content has been valuable in helping them develop their leadership skills and manage their teams. Considering their positive response, Burning Man wanted to be sure to offer this opportunity to you also.

Training is geared toward current, active Volunteer Leaders (ie: those managing other people and teams at this time), and is not intended for aspiring or past leads; Burning. Man does not have the bandwidth to onboard everyone in the network that is interested.

Also, please note that when you nominate yourself or a member of your leadership team, be sure to include their name, playa name (if they have one), their leadership role and Regional affiliation. They’ll take it from there. Again, please keep your nominees to current, active leaders. Here is a summary of the program:

Introduction to Volunteer Leadership v.1.0 – an interactive online course, covering:
– Recruitment and Retention
– Team Leadership and Motivation
– Team Identity, Culture and Cohesion
– Delegation and Mentoring
– People and Roles
– Separation and Succession Planning
– Volunteer Leadership Handbook – a digital resource containing in-depth knowledge of the online training course content, with clickable links to how to’s, templates, examples, etc.
– Q & A Sessions – video conferencing sessions with experienced volunteer leaders
– Opportunities for in-person, advanced training offered in Black Rock City

Enrollment in the training can happen any time year-round. If you would like access to the training, please contact them at volunteerism@burningman.org with your full name and email address so that they can add you to the program. And, if there are other leaders on your official Regional Event teams who would benefit from this training, please let us know so that we may include them.

As you move through the training, please know that they welcome your suggestions on how to frame future versions of it. Their goal is to keep it relevant and accessible for you and your work in their Global Network. They will send a survey to you after you’ve finished the training to gather your feedback.

Thanks for reading! If you have any questions or concerns please contact them at: volunteerism@burningman.org.

Information provided by:
Kristy Hilands
Associate Director of Volunteerism
Kez Quin
Volunteerism Program Manager