Community Announcement of the resignation of MWB President

On Thursday, April 25th, 2019, the Board received an email from the current MWB President, Lizzie Bryan, stating that she intended to resign from the position of President of MWB as soon as the current Treasurer, Rod Hill, could get to Kansas to become a signatory on the MWB bank account. Rod was able to get this squared away as of May 4th, 2019.

The Board would like to thank Lizzie for the countless hours, hard work, energy, and passion she has put into our Association and our community. She is more than willing to work hand in hand with us as we go through this transition, and continue to be a valued member of our burner community. Thank you for all you do Lizzie, we love you!

With Lizzie stepping down, the President position was filled immediately by board member vote, as per stated in the bylaws for unplanned vacancies due to resignation. Chris Brace, the current Vice President, was voted appointment to the President’s seat. Congratulations to Chris as he steps into this role. We have no doubts that he will be a strong leader for our community. This leaves the Vice President seat open. Article IV. Section 7. ​Unplanned Board member vacancies during a Board term shall be filled by the Board with the recommendation of the remaining board members. The term for such vacancy shall end on the same date as the term of the Director who is being replaced would have ended, which in this case will be January 2021.