Midwest Burners events are designed to share the ethos and culture of Burning Man with the Midwest. Our events are produced and run exclusively by volunteers and there are many opportunities for community members to get involved.

Midwest Burners assists and facilitates the production of four burn events in the Midwest, a yearly kickoff event in January held in Kansas City, and volunteer training workshops. Events are all ages.

We’ve had participants join us at our regional burns from all over the world. Come to one of our regional burns and you’ll understand why tickets sell fast!

Here’s a current list of our events:

Ignition, held in Kansas City in January, is our yearly kickoff event and art fundraiser for Interfuse. As we step into the new burn year, we reconnect and plot for the burn season in the way that we do best — over ass shaking, conversation, drinks, music, and a little bit of debauchery.

Interfuse is a 4-day burn held in Missouri in May. Interfuse is Midwest Burners’ largest burn at around 1200 participants. Interfuse is the first burn held by Midwest Burners and marked 15 years in 2018.

This Event Is Cancelled
This Event Is Cancelled is a burn held in July near Topeka, KS and is produced by Topeka Area Burners, a chapter of Midwest Burners.

Hearths O’ Phyre
Hearths O’ Phyre is a 3-day burn located in eastern Iowa usually held late September or early October. The goal of Hearths O’ Phyre is to gather one more time under the stars to unite in a celebration of art and expression. See event details

HullabalU is a 3-day burn located in central Missouri. Held in mid-October, it is the last Midwest Burners burn of year and a great way to end the burn season. See event details