HullabalU 2018 Afterburn Report

Afterburn Report: HullabalU 2018


Introduction and Thanks

HullabalU 2018 took place from October 12-14 at the Elderberry Farm in Hartsburg, MO. We sold a total of 306 tickets. Multiple sound and food camps were in attendance. A special pre burn performance was organized and impressed many. The weekend was damp and chilly but it did not affect the event.


Theme and effigy

HullabalU’s theme for 2018 was Gretel and Hanzel


“Come celebrate friendship, food, and losing your kids in the woods. This burn is about shedding the things that we rely upon so we may get lost and find our family.”




The effigy was a pot belly stove designed that participants could climb inside. Located in the belly was a button that participants could push and trigger a fireball to shoot out of the stove pipe. Paint was provided so that participants could graffitti the stove before the burn.


The effigy was designed and built by Britta Nova and Jill Wendling. This marks the first woman led effigy team for Midwest Burners.



We built an impromptu temple on the newly formed beach. 3 spools stacked on top of each other. We called it the “Temple of Spools.” It did not burn as well as we had hoped. It was the first time any temple burn happened at Hulla. We burned it down Friday night.



Art Grants

IFArt Team Afterburn Report 2018

Lead: Jill Wendling

HullabalU gave out 7 art grants for a total of $863.


Preference for art grants is given to age inclusive activities. This year that included tacos, interactive LED poles, large candy art to decorate the space, a candy house to hang out in, a witch to be revealed in the burn, and paint for interactive activities.




The land HullabalU takes place on is a former elderberry farm. There is old irrigation pipe everywhere. As part of the preparation for the burn several participants helped clean the land and remove old debris. As such we helped to remove traces left by those before us.




Ticket sales generated $8,355 in revenue. $263 was donated as additional art grant funds.


The budget for HullabalU can be viewed here: