HullabalU, Afterburn and Financial Reports for 2017

HullabalU Afterburn Report: 2017


Introduction and Thanks

HullabalU was just what it was hoped to be  – an intimate burn revisiting what we all love about burning.  Beautiful land, comradery, family oriented and focused on building a stronger community.


Theme and effigy

This year’s theme for HullabalU was “The Tortoise and the Hare.” The effigy was designed to combine these two creatures into a climbable structure to inspire whimsy.  For the second year, the effigy was designed to allow for continuous creation throughout the event.  This was done by using art grant funds to provide paint, brushes and wood panels that could be adopted by any attendant to paint.  These panels were added to the final effigy presentation to enjoy several hours before “Hortoise” was burned.


LEO Relations

EC’s contacted LEO months prior to ensure notification was implemented.  EC’s were made aware of another event “The Pumpkin Festival” and were able to alert attendants of changes in routing due to roads closing for this event.  No visits or issues from LEO happened during the event.


Sound Mitigation success

One noise complaint from Marsha, a neighbor, did come to the land owners which was resolved to her satisfaction via reducing volume.


Ticketing System

Ticketing system worked fairly well.  Internet service at the site limited the speed with which check in occurred.  Some of the transfers did not register in time to get the information there before the event but these situations were handle individually and all ticket holders were able to check in.


Art Grants

$250 was budgeted initially and an additional $330 was granted through the donation button on burnertickets.  Art grants totalled $580 which was diverted to 5 grant proposals – Kate’s Chili (a big hit), the effigy panels and paint, oil wrestling and Fwed Chapel, the very popular Mobile Ball Pit and last but not least light up juggling.


Attendees: 236

Theme Camps: 6

Sound Camps: 1.5

Weather: Great till the 6in of rain Saturday night.



Where did the money go!?

HullabalU 2017 Financial Report