A letter to the community about T.A.B. Council election

Midwest Burners,

It has come to our attention that there was a miscommunication in the voting process for T.A.B Council positions. It was communicated by the current Council that a deadline was set for anyone to apply.

The Council decided after the deadline, since only a single person applied that they would accept any nominations until the time of the election. They acted in what they believed was in the best interests of the group. It now appears that many more Burners are interested in positions or in the voting process. The Council technically acted within its by-laws and established policies. However, MWB has decided to recall the results and another election will take place.

We do not believe the Council’s actions were malicious or clandestine. There was no effort to exclude any interested party or to alter the outcome results. The Council attempted to include all interested members. In the future, we hope more people will choose to include themselves in the election process.

Any interested party will have until October 10 to submit their application and request for appointment. Nominations should include your default name, address, phone and email at minimum, and sent to Board@Midwestburners.org, ATTN: TAB ELECTION. The votes will be cast in person at the next Topeka Area Burners meeting on Saturday, October 19, at 2:00 PM (location TBD).

Joshua Luttrell will represent the Board and oversee the election process. Proxy votes will not be accepted. With the public outcry, I sincerely hope more people will take up the cause and run for positions, and that more will attend the meeting to vote.

Christopher “Blister” Brace
Midwest Burners President