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These simple words are what you can expect to feel when you participate with Midwest Burners.  Don’t worry, we will make sure you’re radically included in the plenty of opportunities to create,  help volunteer,  and actively participate in the 10 principles of Burning Man.

Midwest Burners’ events,  art grants, and community outreach programs are designed to share the ethos and culture of Burning Man with the Midwest.  Our friendly Midwestern culture and unique regional flavor are our special gifts we love giving to all members of the Burning Man community.  We’ve had participants join us at our Regional Burns from all over the world.   Come to one of our Regional Burns and you’ll understand why tickets sell fast!

Our goal is to enable the expression of art, culture, and positive social values in a unique environment that allows people the freedom to discover their full human potential. We accomplish this by producing burn events, providing grants for art and leadership, providing free training and education, and enabling a community to take the principles of Burning Man and make a positive impact wherever they are from.   Anyone who joins us is encouraged to take what they learn and share it not just at Burns, but all year round, and bring the principles of Burning Man home to their default lives in their own communities.

Midwest Burners is the 501(c)3 Charitable Organization that facilitates this through it’s mission. 




The Mission Of Midwest Burners

The mission of the Midwest Burners Organization is to facilitate and extend the culture that has issued from the Burning Man Event and the Global Network into the Midwest.

The specific purposes of the Midwest Burners Association is to gather to camp, socialize, experiment with the concept of community, and/or create art in all of its forms. We want to extend the creative and communal spirit of the Burning Man Festival, into the Midwestern United States. We hope to unite people, especially in the Midwestern United States, who are interested in Burner culture.








“Since its earliest days, Burning Man has been a collaborative endeavor, bringing together people with different backgrounds, interests, outlooks and skills. Today, this growing community is served by a vibrant network connecting individuals, communities, events and organizations worldwide”

The Burning Man Regional Network is a world-wide organization of individuals and organizations with the common goal of uniting with each other to participate in and share with each other the culture that stems from the Burning Man Event.  Midwest Burners seeks to enable the network of interlinking our regions and global community.

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Burning Man volunteer leadership training program 2019

Global Network Leaders- Burning Man invites you to take part in a new volunteer leadership training program that their Burning Man Volunteerism and Education Departments created this past year. They offered this program to Black Rock City teams back in April, and were told that the content has been valuable in helping them develop their …

1/8/19 Board Action on PO Recommendation

The MWB Board of Directors has reviewed the recommendations provided by the Principal’s Office in regards to the incident at HullabaulU. The PO conducted an investigation and provided the Board and the community with their recommendations. The board accepts their findings and has voted to uphold their recommendations in its entirety. This situation quickly became …